What people are saying about Audiology Associates

My experience has always been wonderful since “05”.  Very friendly and concerned whatever problem I have.  And I am very satisfied.

Lola P

I am writing this to let you know how pleased and impressed I am with my pair of Otolens hearing aids.  They do everything they claimed to be able to do….They are invisible, have great sound quality and filter background noise remarkably.

Gary K

I have experienced two other hearing aid companies.  After purchasing hearing aids, customer care seemed less of a concern.  I discovered Audiology Associates and in Laurie Nastas found a professional who is concerned about cost and esthetics.  While I didn’t get it right the first two times, my third hearing experience has been a charm.

Joyce S.

Click, click, clack, clack, the mouse and keyboard are talking back.

From my seat in the living room I hear the tick tock, And the dissonant Chime of the front hall clock I never knew that my turn signals ticked, or that there Was a percussive sound when my right knee kinked. The volume of the TV is acceptable to hear, now that Digital aids are behind the ear. These augmentative devices will benefit all: I can answer the phone if you want to call. Sally is happy that I’ve accepted the fault, and We’ve purchased a pair without emptying the vault.

J Smith

Our daughter has been a patient for 17 years.  She has had learning disability and unusual hearing loss since an early age.  Dr. Henry has been very successful at aiding her hearing loss.  We are especially thankful for his caring skills and patience in correcting problems when they arise.

Sandra K

I am an obstetrician Gynecologist and have known Dr. Henry for four years.  Dr. Henry has been extremely competent, knowledgeable and available for me in a difficult time.  His office is very organized and efficient and staff are very kind, cordial and helpful.  I would recommend Dr. Henry to my family and friends with no hesitation.

Soudabeh A, M.D.

I would recommend to anyone that has a hearing condition, to see Audiology Associates.  I was given several options and price ranges.  There was no pressure to select any choice.  I made the right choice and can hear better than I ever thought possible.

Len S.

You took the time to help me decide what features I could use and what I could afford.  My ability to hear well is very important as I am still very active in the community.  I can’t imagine my life without them.  I know you are always willing to answer any questions I might have about my hearing aids in the future.

H M Smith

When I came to see Dr. Henry in 2006, I could hear nothing and people wrote me notes.  A cochlear implant was recommended.  The combination of the cochlear implant and hearing aid has truly been a miracle for me.  I feel like I’m in a new world and it’s great!

Claire W.

I came to Audiology Associates 10 years ago.  Service here has been outstanding, with no hesitation to address any needed adjustments.

R Henderson

Audiology Associates has provided very good service in a pleasant, courteous and professional manner over the past 15 years.

Ruth S

I am an 84 yr.old widow with a lot of anxiety.  I was having a hard time living with loss and hearing and maybe going deaf.  Dr. Henry provided not only the latest aid, but moral support during this difficult time.

Elizabeth L.

Not being able to hear is no fun.  Audiology Associates treats you well, as well as correcting the problem. I just put them in my ears and hear better….It can’t be any easier than that.

Joyce L.

I tried avoiding noisy, crowded situations- knowing I would have trouble hearing.  My hearing now is so much better.  Dr. Henry is a pleasure to work with, and always available for any problem.  Plus he has a great sense of humor.

Nancy T.

I have known Dr. Henry for over 20 years.  He has supplied my hearing aids all this time and I have had great success.  They have been top grade. Without hearing aids I can barely hear what people are saying.  If you are having problems, see Dr. Henry.

Wayne O

I have followed Audiology Associates for over 20 years.  They spend time and explain everything.  They do not push expensive products.  They work with your needs and find solutions.  I recommend Audiology Associates to everyone with hearing loss, they are the best.

E Smith

I am a 90 year old man and was told by several doctors I would someday be deaf.  Well, I have been going to Dr. Henry for 31 years and still hear wonderful.  I believe he has helped me achieve this by the caring help he has given me.

R Roose

I have never waited more than 10 minutes for an appointment; staff treats me with professionalism and respect.  I was reluctant about hearing aids, They helped me through transition and learning process.  I would recommend them to any person with hearing problems.

Sheila S

After spending a great deal of money on hearing aids, I got disgusted and gave up.  A friend recommended Dr. Henry.  He made me feel comfortable and explained the whole process extremely well.  I can hear so well now, no background noises, no whistles.  I was totally comfortable after the first day.  I totally recommend Dr. Henry to anyone with a hearing problem.

Mary S