Hearing Aid Brands

At Audiology Associates, we carry hearing aids from the top brands in the world. Hearing aids from these companies are warrantied for multiple years, and guaranteed to provide quality amplification for a variety of hearing needs.


Starkey is a leader in advanced hearing aid technology, and the only American company in the “Big 5” of hearing aid manufacturers. Their “Evolv AI” line of hearing aids offers the most exceptional sound quality available. Smart technology makes up to 55 million programming adjustments every hour to deliver life-sized, premium intelligibility across a multitude of environments. These are truly hearing aids that you can put in in the morning and forget about for the rest of the day!

The Livio line offers Bluetooth and rechargeability, as well as a special “mask mode” to make speech clearer even when speakers are wearing facemasks. Picasso custom-fit hearing aids are available in a number of sizes and molded to your unique ear anatomy for comfort and clarity that can’t be beat!


ReSound is changing the game with sleek new designs that blur the boundary between hearing aids and earbuds. The rechargeable ONE Custom provides a full day’s use on a rechargeable battery in a sleek ITE (in-the-ear) design. These hearing aids are water-resistant, Bluetooth-equipped, and appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss.

The new OMNIA line offers the best speech recognition in a ReSound hearing aid to date, letting you zero-in on the sounds that are important to you, even in noisy environments.


Signia invites you to Be Brilliant™ with some of the most fashionable hearing aids in a variety of styles. From the elegant and sophisticated Styletto AX to the earbud-like Active X, Signia will make you reimagine what a hearing aid can be! With charging cases for those who are always on the move, and a style for every degree of hearing loss, Signia’s hearing aids are impossible to ignore.


The Swiss company Phonak has been at the forefront of hearing aid technology for almost a century. They have been tirelessly reinventing the hearing aid throughout their history, most recently with the rechargeable and waterproof (up to 1.64 feet) Audéo Life. Their Lyric hearing aid is the world’s only completely invisible hearing aid, which is placed deep in the ear canal by your audiologist and removed only once every few months for cleaning and battery replacement.


Unitron is focused on enhancing the experience of wearing hearing aids, making it as easy as possible to adjust programming and get the most out of a set of hearing aids for new wearers and seasoned pros alike! They offer a style for every need and desire, and three programming platforms to suit the needs of just about every lifestyle.

Unitron’s Automatic Adaptation Manager (AAM) allows us to program your hearing aids to start at a more comfortable level of amplification, and slowly increase performance throughout the adjustment period to reach the target fit without causing the discomfort that new wearers frequently experience when adjusting to hearing aids for the first time. This creates a more pleasant adjustment experience and reminds us of an important maxim: the best hearing aids for you are the ones you’ll actually wear!


The Danish company Widex offers some of the most natural-sounding hearing aids on the market. Their hearing aids adorn the ears of classical musicians and music enthusiasts around the world. Their ultra-fast signal processing reduces latency, creating a more realistic and immediate sonic experience. And their factory and headquarters in Denmark are the most carbon neutral in the world: completely powered by wind and solar energy.

The Widex SHEER™ platform allows you to intuitively shape your listening experience across different environments, and it learns your preferences over time. And if you don’t want to worry about your hearing aids all the time? SHEER will automatically adjust your hearing aids as you move between different environments, giving you control when you want it and a great, automatic listening experience when you don’t. SHEER is the most advanced algorithm ever introduced in a Widex hearing aid, and also includes the Widex SoundRelax system to help you regain inner peace with a new world of relaxing sounds.